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Laser Treatments for Wrinkles

A popular anti-aging solution for the treatment of wrinkles is laser treatment. There are several different types of laser treatments to consider as an anti-wrinkle solution, as well as several alternatives to laser treatment that should be considered as well. Though each laser treatment is different and meant for varying situations and wrinkle severity, what they all have in common is the general procedure used. In laser therapy for the treatment of wrinkles, several of the top layers of skin are burned away to reveal smoother, healthier skin beneath. Read on for descriptions of some of the most popular forms of anti-aging laser treatments.

Erbium Laser

Erbium Laser treatment is used for skin resurfacing, to improve the texture of the skin of the face. This anti-aging treatment removes superficial and moderate fine lines and face wrinkles. The Erbium Laser burns off the top several layers of skin, revealing newer and healthier skin beneath the surface. Erbium Laser is not as damaging as some other laser treatments, but also cannot treat deep wrinkles. Some studies have also shown that Erbium laser treatments stimulate the production of collagen, helping with the tightening of the skin.

CO2 laser

CO2 laser therapy is another skin resurfacing treatment for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. CO2 laser therapy burns off several of the top layers of skin to reveal the smoother skin beneath. This improves the texture of the skin. CO2 lasers are capable of being used for the treatment of deeper lines and wrinkles, while the Erbium laser treatments work much better for finer lines and light wrinkles.


Laserbrasion is much like it sounds. Lasers are used to abrade the skin, removing a few layers of cells and hopefully, the wrinkles along with it. Laserbrasion treatments combine laser therapy with sandpaper. A laser takes off the top layer of cells, and then further skin layer removal is performed by extremely fine sandpaper. In this way, practitioners of laserbrasion can remove layers of wrinkled skin without using as much heat as traditional laser therapies for anti-aging. There are less complications and reduced lasting redness with this laserbrasion method as compared to Erbium and CO2 laser therapies for the treatment of wrinkles.

Alternatives to laser wrinkle treatments

Laser wrinkle treatments are a somewhat extreme solution to the problem of aging skin and wrinkles. While not as dramatic as surgical options, there are several alternatives to laser therapies that cause no pain and have no recovery time. One of the best alternatives to laser wrinkle treatments is the abundant supply of anti-wrinkle creams available for purchase today. Available both in stores and online, anti-wrinkle creams provide results similar or equal to laser resurfacing treatments, when used regularly. When choosing an anti-wrinkle cream to fight the effects of skin aging, look for proven ingredients such as Argireline, Hyaluronic acid and Retinyl Palmitate. Anti-wrinkle creams utilizing these powerful ingredients provide dramatic results. For more information on the best anti-wrinkle creams, read some of the reviews provided detailing the pros and cons of different anti-wrinkle creams available to consumers today.

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