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Retin-A Review

Rated: 8.25 out of 10
by BestAntiAging.org

Retina-A is the brand name of the drug Tretinoin. Often used to treat acne, Retin-A has also been making its mark in the anti-aging skin care field. Retin-A is a topical treatment, as most of the best anti-wrinkle treatments are creams. However, while many different products contain Retin-A, Retina-A itself does not work like normal anti-wrinkle creams. The idea behind Retin-A is to provide a light chemical peal, renewing and refreshing the skin.

Retin-A Ingredients

Retin-A is just the brand name of the drug Tretinoin. It is a form of Vitamin A and is available in creams of different concentrations. It may also contain skin soothers, but for the most part, Tretinoin is the only active ingredient in Retin-A.

Retin-A Benefits

Retin-A is a hugely successful product for the treatment of severe acne. Recently, however, it has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use for the treatment of aging skin. Retin-A works as an anti-aging treatment by refreshing the skin cells of the face to minimize pores and increase collagen production. This provides a tighter, smoother appearance to the skin of the face. This will minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the increase in collagen production will help to keep the skin taut and line free.

Buy Retin-A

Since Retin-A is such a powerful anti-aging treatment, a visit to the dermatologist for a prescription for Retin-A is usually necessary. Because of this, the price of the doctor's visit as well as the time required to attend an appointment and get the prescription filled must be counted into the overall price. Retin-A is usually prescribed in a six month supply, and can include just Retin-A or an entire skin care regimen. The annual cost for Retin-A, therefore, ranges from about $150 - $800, depending on manufacturer and the treatments prescribed. Since Retin-A is a doctor prescribed product, there are some cases in which the treatment and doctor visits will be covered by medical insurance.

Does Retin-A work?

When it comes to whether or not Retin-A works, it is not as much a question of effectiveness as it is a question of side effect tolerance. As an acne treatment, Retin-A is well proven. Those wishing to solve an extreme acne problem may be more willing to deal with adverse side effects than those simply looking to erase the signs of aging. For anti-aging and anti-wrinkle purposes, Retin-A works the same way as it does as an acne treatment. This strong, harsh product is applied to the skin and works as a mini chemical peel, taking off the top layers of skin to encourage the cells of the skin to refresh, producing more collagen and helping to keep the skin youthful and smooth. However, with such a strong product, redness, irritation, tightness of the skin, dry skin, rashes and eczema have been shown as side effects. While positive results in the form of less visible fine lines and wrinkles are likely to occur with regular use of a skin care routine that includes Retin-A, many find the side effects extremely harsh and prefer anti-wrinkle creams that are just as effective but much less harsh.

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