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Actifirm Review

Rated: 8.75 out of 10
by BestAntiAging.org

Actifirm, a suite of products dedicating to solving the all too common problem of the signs of facial skin aging, is available both online and through the QVC network. Marketing itself as one of the “higher end” anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care treatments available, Actifirm has bestowed upon itself a suitably “high end” price tag as well.

With sleek advertising and a flashy website, the makers of Actifirm would like you to believe that the Actifirm line of products are of a quality high enough to justify the price tag. However, even the briefest glance at the reviews for the products, as well as a little investigation into the list of active ingredients, will quickly show that Actifirm delivers only flash for your cash. Without any solid results or consistently positive reviews on which to base justification for their high price tag, the manufacturer's of Actifirm have a little explaining to do with regards to how it is possible to charge such a price for so little in the way of results.

Actifirm ingredients

The main active ingredient in Actifirm is Actizyme, which is another name for the natural ingredient mucor miehei mushroom. Actifirm contains a whole host of other natural ingredients like rosemary, aloe and green tea. While there is something to be said for products like Actifirm that rely almost entirely on all natural ingredients, it does leave a big gap in terms of actual effectiveness. While natural ingredients can have a powerful effect on wrinkles, the list of ingredients in Actifirm lack any real punch.

The lack of powerful, skin healing ingredients in Actifirm makes it seem as though the product would struggle to really achieve the results offered by so many other products that take advantage of proven antioxidants and other ingredients that have been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. While the all natural angle is a nice benefit, all natural ingredients are only attractive in a product like Actifirm if they also actually work.

Buy Actifirm

The trouble with Actifirm is how difficult it is to assess the true cost of the product. Since Actifirm is a line of products, different combinations will need to be tried to achieve the best results. It is extremely unlikely that ideal results even close to what is promised by Actifirm will be achieved with just one product. The products in the Actifirm anti-aging line range anywhere from $30 to $70 or more, and this does not include any associated shipping and handling costs. So many anti-aging skin care treatments these days offer the total package when it comes to treatment, especially those that concentrate specifically on the eye area.

It is hard to understand why Actifirm needs so many different products to be effective, when other brands succeed with just one complete product. While the price of each individual portion is not outlandish, the total climbs quickly when a buyer purchases all that is needed to address all the angles of skin aging, especially in the delicate skin around the eyes.

Does Actifirm work?

The trouble with Actifirm is that everything about it makes it seem as though the product really should work. The price tag is one you would expect to find on an effective product. The website is slick, generating a feeling of confidence in the company, and indicating that it is not some fly by night operation offering shoddy products. It is surprising, then, when

Actifirm simply fails to produce the results promised. Not only does Actifirm not follow through, but to see any results at all, even minimal, buyers are expected to purchase numerous expensive products, adding not only to the cost, but to the time needed for the daily regimen. Many buyers will find this to be frustrating, especially when the promised results do not appear. With so many other products designed to target the eye area with proven anti-aging ingredients and no add ones needed, Actifirm is not only an expensive waste of bathroom counter space, but needlessly time consuming as well.

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