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Prototype #37-C Review

Rated: 9.25 out of 10
by BestAntiAging.org

Prototype #37-C is an anti-aging treatment designed to target the difficult area around the eyes. Claiming to be composed of “almost” 100% natural ingredients is Prototype #37-C's biggest check in the plus column. Too bad it only “almost” works.

The delicate skin around the eyes is a notorious problem area when it comes to the signs of aging appearing on the skin. Dark circles, heavy bags and fine lines seem almost unavoidable. The skin under the eyes seems to be the first place that all people begin to show the signs of aging, starting as early as the mid-twenties! So it makes sense that the market for products designed to erase, reverse and prevent these signs of aging is saturated with products designed to be the “perfect solution” for a common problem.

Unfortunately, many products, like Prototype #37-C, fall far short of accomplishing the solutions they claim to provide. Products like Prototype #37-C fail for any number of reasons, but the two main reasons remain the same. First of all, they do not work and second of all, the cost of these products is near astronomical.

Prototype # 37-C ingredients

Prototype #37-C does not contain the usual and proven ingredients found in most successful skin care and anti-aging products. Instead, Prototype #37-C contains several proprietary products that cloak their purpose and results behind promotional text and clever names. Syn-Coll, Matrixyl 3000 and Eyeseryl all sound impressive, but the Prototype #37-C official website is a bit vague as to what each of these ingredients actually is. As for what each of these special ingredients does, Prototype #37-C manufacturers offer several confusing graphs and charts that supposedly indicate “gene activation” and “collagen glycation inhibition.” To the average consumer, these terms mean nothing but sound impressive.

In truth, Prototype #37-C ingredients do not really amount to much when compared to successful, effective anti-aging skin care products. However, the average consumer would not know this by reading the ingredient list, as Prototype #37-C has masked ineffective ingredients behind a cloak of confusing scientific terminology. Any consumer who has taken the time to research anti-aging skin care products will quickly realize that Prototype #37-C adds up to a whole lot of nothing.

Buy Prototype # 37-C

The cost of Prototype #37-C is where the product really becomes shocking and confusing. One bottle of Prototype #37-C eye serum retails for $280, or $150 on sale. This does not include shipping or handling, and is only a one month supply! After reading over the list of ingredients and finding nothing special among them, one wonders if the cost of Prototype #37-C is payment for the clever names and colorful charts, because it certainly is not for the results provided. While Prototype #37-C does offer a 90 day risk free trial and discounts for purchases of multiple bottles at once, the sticker shock remains. With other products geared toward the same results containing ingredients that are proven to work, it is hard to imagine that anyone would pay that sum for cleverly named ingredients instead.

Does Prototype # 37-C work?

Even though the makers of Prototype #37-C seek to impress (or confuse) consumers with fancy ingredient names and the “science” behind them, the results of consistent use of the Prototype #37-C eye serum are a disappointment. This is not a surprise, of course, to savvy consumers who have read the reviews and done the research into which ingredients work and which do not when it comes to repairing the visible signs of aging around the eyes.

While Prototype #37-C may stand out from the pack because of its unique ingredients, in this case, standing out is not a good thing. There are many powerful skin care ingredients and antioxidants that have been proven time and again to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, bags under the eyes and improve the overall condition of the skin in that delicate area. Why, then, would a product choose to veer so wildly away from what works? In the case of Prototype #37-C, that remains a mystery, as does the justification for the financial cost.

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