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Removing Crow’s Feet

Crow's feet are fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the corners of the eyes. A common sign of aging, crow's feet branch out from the corner of the eye in a pattern that resembles the foot of a crow. Crow's feet appear as the body ages due to the fact that the skin of the face is extremely mobile. The muscles in the face control facial expression and the eyes are heavily involved in all facial expressions including smiling, frowning and more.

As the skin ages and loses elasticity, these fine lines that normally only appear with smiles begin to form permanent grooves that do not vanish as the face relaxes. It is at this point that many people begin to consider anti-wrinkle treatments to fade the appearance of these face wrinkles.

Can crow’s feet be reversed?

Though the appearance of crow's feet is a natural sign of aging that is largely unavoidable, the appearance of crow's feet can be reversed, faded or slowed with several different avenues for anti-wrinkle treatment available. It is inevitable that these crow's feet will appear as the skin begins to lose elasticity as early as the middle twenties. It is in the fifties that these lines really take hold and become stubborn.

Treatment options available for the reversal of crow's feet are numerous, with a wide range of costs, effectiveness, permanence and invasiveness. The correct choice for each person will vary, but there are clear front runners in the market for anti-wrinkle treatment.

Surgical procedures for crow’s feet

One option that many people consider for the treatment of crow's feet are various surgical options available. A professional and certified plastic surgeon will be able to aid in selecting the appropriate procedure for your situation. This may include eye lifts to tighten the skin around the eyes, or even full face lifts to tighten the skin of the whole face in order to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, results can be unpredictable and sometimes even disastrous. Something that must be considered when evaluating cosmetic surgery options for the treatment of crow's feet is the cost.

Cosmetic surgery is always the most expensive and painful anti-aging treatments. Also, recovery time must be considered, along with the fact that no surgery, no matter how minor, is without serious risks and consequences from infection to even death.

The best way to remove crow’s feet

The best way to remove crow's feet is with a proven anti-wrinkle cream. With advances in anti-aging technology, many current anti-wrinkle creams contain the latest and greatest in ingredients designed to slow and even erase the signs of aging. When used regularly, an anti-wrinkle cream containing the Argireline has been shown to be on par with the effectiveness of BOTOX® and surgery by relaxing the facial muscles and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When choosing an anti-wrinkle cream, be sure to do adequate research. For an unbiased view into the effectiveness and long term results of various anti-wrinkle creams, read our reviews.

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