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Lancome Genifique Review

Rated: 5.8 out of 10
by BestAntiAging.org

Well-known and respected skin care and make up company Lancome has come out with its own anti-aging and wrinkle cream, Lancome Genifique. Conveniently available at make up counters and malls nationwide, as well as for order over the Internet, the product seems to have promise. However, Lancome Genifique reviews have begun to come in and indicate that Lancome Genifique leans more towards the ineffective than the impressive.

What Is Genifique?

Lancome Genifique is intended to be a cutting edge skin care product, designed to improve the condition of the skin and restore the youthful look so often erased as we get older. With a cost of $78 per ounce, not including any shipping charges, Lancome Genifique has a lot to live up to not just in terms of cost, but also to the Lancome name. Reading Lancome Genifique reviews, however, reveal that the product is falling short, even for those who are normally supporters of the Lancome line.

Lancome Genifique Ingredients

The main point that Lancome Genifique reviews have been focusing on so far is the list of ingredients. When it comes to skin care and anti-aging products, there are several ingredients that have been shown, time and time again, to be effective in improving the condition and appearance of the skin. Some are alpha lipoic acid, argireline, and hyaluronic acid. However, as Lancome Genifique reviews indicate, none of these ingredients are present in Lancome Genifique. Instead, Lancome Genifique reviews list ingredients like Bio-Lysat, which has never been shown to have any affect on the condition of the skin, and Phytosphingosine-SLC. Phytosphingosine-SLC could be effective in improving skin's tone and evenness, if the concentration included is above 0.05%. Lancome Genifique declines to list the concentration, however.

Genifique Reviews

Lancome Genifique reviews have fallen into two categories so far. The first are those who are savvy skin care shoppers, have looked at the Lancome Genifique ingredient list and price tag, and have declared the product not to be worthwhile. The second type of Lancome Genifique reviews are from those who have bought the product, trusting in the Lancome name, and have not seen the promised results - due to the lack of effective ingredients. Whichever type of shopper is writing it, Lancome Genifique reviews have universally declared the product to be weak and minimally effective.

Does Lancome Genifique Work?

Lancome Genifique is simply riding on the Lancome name. Claims of "gene activity" and "youth proteins" mask the facts that Lancome Genifique reviews reveal. Without proven effective ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline and others that are known to work, Lancome Genifique is a product dead in the water. While it is not impossible that new advances in skin care and anti-aging will be discovered, Lancome Genifique is remiss in not including a single ingredient that makes other products so effective and successful.

Taking the time to read over a few Lancome Genifique reviews before buying will show all a consumer needs to know to make an educated purchasing decision. There are better products, with better ingredients, better price tags and better results easily available to those interested in Lancome Genifique.

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