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Alpha lipoic acid benefits and side effects

Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that occurs naturally within the body. As an antioxidant, Alpha lipoic acid is essential for the protection and health of the various different kinds of cells found in the body. Antioxidants protect the cells from harmful free radicals, which may damage or destroy the cells. Alpha lipoic acid is found in small quantities in several different fruits and vegetables, but is most effectively utilized in quality anti-wrinkle creams.

Alpha lipoic acid use

Alpha Lipoic acid serves several different purposes within the body. Alpha Lipoic acid is necessary for converting glucose to energy, as well as protecting cells from free radicals. Alpha lipoic acid is found in health food and supplement stores for many uses, such as protecting brain tissue from free radical damage, along with many other parts of the body.

Studies have even shown that Alpha lipoic acid can protect and help cells that are subject to chemotherapy, Lyme disease or kidney failure, among other possible conditions or injuries. However, alpha lipoic acid gets the most attention for its use in anti-wrinkle creams. The use of alpha lipoic acid in anti-aging products is becoming more and more common as the protective power of this antioxidant is becoming more understood.

Alpha lipoic acid benefits

The benefits of alpha lipoic acid are numerous. Alpha lipoic acid is a multipurpose antioxidant that protects cells in all different areas of the body. Alpha lipoic acid has been shown to protect brain cells from damage due to injury, illness or harsh treatments like chemotherapy. Alpha lipoic acid protects cells from free radical damage, which can have a positive effect on protecting brain function, helping the body heal from injury, and most notably, aiding in the fight against the signs of aging. When alpha lipoic acid is included in a quality anti-wrinkle cream, the benefits of this powerful antioxidant are harnessed and delivered directly to the skin. As the skin ages, elastin and collagen begin to break down, which is what causes sagging and wrinkles when gravity takes over.

Antioxidants in the form of alpha lipoic acid protect the skin cells along with the collagen and elastin fibers, keeping age and free radicals from breaking down these materials and protecting them for an extended amount of time. When used regularly, an anti-wrinkle cream containing alpha lipoic acid will not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the face, but also slow the appearance of new crow’s feet and lines around the mouth and forehead.

Alpha lipoic acid side effects

Since alpha lipoic acid is produced naturally within the body, side effects are rare and usually mild when they do occur. Noted side effects of alpha lipoic acid include a tingling sensation or slight topical rash. Both of these effects are found only in a small percentage of people using alpha lipoic acid. When delivered in the form of an anti-wrinkle cream, alpha lipoic acid is especially safe and effective, improving skin quality and health in a matter of weeks with continual use. Find anti wrinkle creams containing alpha lipoic acid.

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