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What are QuSomes?

Relatively new on the anti-aging akin care product market, QuSomes have not yet been the subject of any kind of substantial research. However, what is known about QuSomes so far comes straight from the manufacturer. QuSomes are intended to be a new sort of delivery system for anti-wrinkle creams, designed to create products that reach deeper into the skin and contain high concentrations of active ingredients.

How do QuSomes work?

The technology of QuSomes relies on layers of ingredients. QuSomes can be described at microscopic water balloons, or bubbles, that are packed with the active ingredients of the anti-aging skin care product. The ingredients are layered in the QuSomes, alternating a layer of fat soluble ingredients with a layer of water soluble ingredients. As QuSomes are applied to the skin, the layers are absorbed one at a time. As each layer of these QuSomes are absorbed, the next layer is exposed, and, in theory, passed to a deeper layer of skin cells. In this way, QuSomes are supposed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to the specific layer of the skin where they would be most effective.

Benefits of QuSomes

QuSomes, according to information provided by manufacturers, contain an edge on standard anti-aging products in two ways. First of all, QuSomes are designed in such a way that the ingredients contained within are able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin than any other product. While the layered nature of QuSomes does sound different, there has yet to be any research supporting this fact, nor any indication that the layered feature of QuSomes makes any difference in how the skin reacts to the products. Secondly, QuSomes are said to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. Again, research has not yet shown this to be true. In fact, the limited amount of research that has been done on QuSomes to date is extremely insubstantial compared to other quality anti-aging skin care products, making them a somewhat risky proposition.

How do QuSomes affect anti-aging?

New developments in anti-aging skin care technology are being made all of the time, and QuSomes are an example of that. While many quality anti-wrinkle creams and serums exist, the addition of QuSomes, in theory, should make for more effective, more powerful anti-wrinkle creams. However, the truth about how QuSomes affect anti-aging skin care has not yet been shown. Layered bubbles with high concentrations of active anti-aging ingredients sounds like it should be effective, but until a significant amount of research has been conducted on the subject, it is impossible to say if QuSomes have a substantial effect on anti-aging, or if they have any significant effect at all.

Many anti-aging creams currently on the market, without QuSomes, contain well researched and proven ingredients designed to slow the signs of aging in a tested and powerfully effective way. While QuSomes undergo more research, selecting a quality anti-aging wrinkle cream is an already proven method for erasing the signs of aging, without included untested technology like QuSomes.

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