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BeautyScoop Review

Rated: 4 out of 10
by BestAntiAging.org

BeautyScoop is a product that's gaining a lot of popularity due to celebrity endorsements and claims that it can erase the ravages of time. When it comes down to it BeautyScoop is merely a very expensive multi-vitamin in powder form that delivers the same results you'd expect from eating healthy and getting enough nutrients.

BeautyScoop cites a lot of clinical and scientific proof based on its ingredients but doesn't provide them in large enough doses and instead makes the bulk of its supplement out of common additives like whey protein, calcium carbonate and vitamin E. Overall, BeautyScoop is a marginally helpful product that isn't cost effective at all. There are more effective products available at only a fraction of the cost that can offer better results than BeautyScoop.

BeautyScoop in depth

BeautyScoop is a powder mix product endorsed by Ricki Lake that's supposed to give amazing results to your hair, nails and skin. BeautyScoop claims to give you youthful skin, shiny hair and clear, healthy nails in three weeks by simply drinking the powdered BeautyScoop mix daily. With the use of simple vitamins and additives found in most common foods BeautyScoop tells you it can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, instill a healthy glow to your skin, stimulate hair follicles, get rid of split ends and strengthen nails. Simply put, BeautyScoop can't back up these claims because of it's weak and common ingredient list. This product is really nothing more than a vitamin powder, and contains every day ingredients and gives the same results as a vitamin would.

BeautyScoop ingredients

BeautyScoop claims to use a number of proven effective ingredients to give your skin, hair and nails the health the need. The truth is BeautyScoop uses mostly common ingredients that can be found in cheap store-bought vitamins and common good-for-you foods. BeautyScoop themselves tell you that their main ingredients are simply magnesium, zinc, copper and calcium: the same ingredients you'd find in a multivitamin at your local drug store.

The other ingredients BeautyScoop uses with claims of anti-aging properties have never been proven scientifically and do little--if anything--to decrease or prevent aging effects.

Where to buy BeautyScoop

BeautyScoop can be purchased at their website for an astonishing price of $95 plus $13 shipping for a 21-day supply. You can also choose to buy a 3-box package of BeautyScoop for $285 or you can try a sample of BeautyScoop for $10 plus shipping.

BeautyScoop comes at a huge price and this is one of their tactics to make customers feel like they're getting a high-quality product. In reality BeautyScoop is merely an expensive, ineffective product that delivers results no better than vitamins available at any grocery store or drug store. Because of this BeautyScoop is not worth it's price. Instead, look for a product that can actually deliver on promises it makes and uses ingredients that are backed by proven science. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for a multi-vitamin - it's not cost effective.

Does BeautyScoop work?

Unfortunately, despite its many claims and cited scientific studies, BeautyScoop can't deliver on its claims and includes no proven ingredients in its recipe. BeautyScoop's powdered formula contains mostly whey protein, sugar, flavoring and common vitamins and additives like magnesium and vitamin E. Of course these ingredients fail to give you the power to transform your skin, hair and nails and BeautyScoop overall has no anti-aging properties whatsoever. Taking vitamins has been shown to have the same effects as using BeautyScoop, except at a considerable savings of a hundred dollars per month.

Instead of wasting your effort and money on BeautyScoop look for a supplement with proven anti-aging ingredients and a cost that's more affordable. Not all products are like BeautyScoop, looking to take advantage by using outrageous claims, fake testimonials and unproven science. BeautyScoop has gained so much popularity recently due to its paid endorsements and powdered formula that's easy to take, not with any actual results.

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