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Bioque Review

Rated: 8.75 out of 10
by BestAntiAging.org

Bioque - scientific skincare that works, or so the manufacturers say. As is often the case with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care treatments today, Bioque attempts to stand out from the pack by touting “science” for superior results.

The problem with products like Bioque is that the marketing for the product takes advantage of the fact that many consumers are uneducated as to what makes a good anti-wrinkle skin care product. In short, the answer to that question is simply results. Instead of delivering results, however, Bioque instead charges a hefty price tag for so called scientific advancements in skin care and anti-wrinkle creams and products. Many shoppers, however, are already aware of the fact that proven, powerful ingredients in terms of fighting the signs of aging exist and have existed for a long time. No amount of scientific terminology is going to disguise the fact that Bioque is lacking where it counts - the active ingredient list.

Bioque ingredients

So what is this so called scientific skin care composed of? From all of the bragging on the Bioque site, one would expect some significant new developments in anti-wrinkle skin care science. However, a quick glance over the ingredient list reveals nothing new. The biggest thing that Bioque has going for it is a high concentration of Argireline, which provides a function much like Botox injections in preventing the appearance of new fine lines and wrinkles. While this is a check in the effectiveness column, it is hardly revolutionary. In fact, it may even be said that the high concentration of Argireline in Bioque is a bit overkill, as the muscles of the face can only be relaxed so far. Other than the Argireline, a long-standing product in anti-wrinkle treatments, there is nothing really revolutionary included in Bioque to justify the supposed cutting edge science contained within the bottle. In fact, there's not really too much included that would justify choosing Bioque over a standard drug store shelf offering.

Buy Bioque

Since Bioque does not differ too greatly in ingredients or provided results from what you could find on the shelves at your local drug store, one would expect a price in line with those products - maybe even a bit cheaper, to account for the fact that shipping and handling is necessary as well as for the fact that ordering these products online is supposed to present a significant savings for the consumer. Bioque, however, cost $85 for a month's supply, and that is not including the shipping and handling charges.

Bioque does not come close to being a good value for the results provided. When you can achieve the same results from a drug store product, why would you pay more than drug store prices? The answer is likely that with Bioque, you are paying for the “scientific skin care that works,” which would make sense, if it worked. Instead, Bioque provides the say ho-hum results with the same ho-hum ingredients that hundreds of manufacturers are peddling much less expensively.

Does Bioque work?

When you are asking yourself whether or not Bioque works, first ask yourself what kind of results you were expecting. If you were expecting all of the benefits of the supposed cutting edge science that went into the creation of Bioque, then no, the product does not work. If, with Bioque, you are expecting the same hit or miss results that are achieved with many mediocre products available both online and in stores, the answer is that maybe Bioque works. With Bioque, results are all about how high you set your expectations.

If you do not expect much, you might be pleased with the limited results offered by the effective but not groundbreaking ingredients offered in Bioque. Since no one buys a skin care product hoping for limited results, it is hard to imagine that there is a market for Bioque. If the convenience of having a product delivered to your home is the astronomical price of Bioque, you should give it a try. However, if you do not mind a quick trip to the drugstore, you can instead spend a fraction of the money for the same results.

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