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Argan Oil Uses in Your Beauty Regimen

Judging by the fact that Moroccan oil is often referred to as "liquid gold", it should come as no surprise that there are many argan oil uses in your daily life. This incredible oil comes from the kernels of the fruit picked from the argan tree that can be found growing in Morocco. This oil has been used by Moroccans for centuries both as a health and beauty aid and in cooking. Today, its global popularity has surged thanks to products such as those offered by Visible Science.

Loaded with Natural Goodness

One of the biggest reasons that Moroccan oil has become so popular is that it contains high levels of numerous minerals, nutrients, and fatty acids. Chief among these are Vitamin E and both Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Among the many argan oil uses are as a hair conditioner and skin moisturizer. The oil first gained popularity among celebrities who increasingly began to use it as a part of their daily effort to remain looking as young as possible.

Today Moroccan oil can be found in a wide array of beauty products including shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and cosmetics. You can also buy pure organic argan oil by itself. The oil can be applied directly to the skin as a moisturizing agent, or massaged into the hair as a conditioner. Another of the many argan oil uses is to heat the oil. When heated, you can use it directly on your hair as a hot oil treatment to help with dry, frizzy, flyaway strands.

Use as a Skin Moisturizer

One of the more common argan oil uses is as a skin moisturizer. Higher levels of fatty acids and vitamin E have long been known to be beneficial to the skin. When used on a regular basis, Moroccan oil will help to nourish the outer cells of the skin, keeping them supple and helping to retain their natural elasticity. All it takes is massaging a few drops into the skin on a daily basis, paying particular attention to the face and neck. These are areas of the body that tend to suffer the most damage over the course of time.

Use as a Hair Conditioner

Argan oil contains oleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid. Research has shown that oleic acid is vital to the health of hair. The hair care industry is rapidly becoming one of the biggest purchasers of this amazing oil as it contains one of the purest and most natural forms of oleic acid. Regular use of argan oil can help put an end to split ends and frizzy hair within your first few treatments. Using products such as those from Visible Science which contain pure argan oil can also help to provide silkier, softer, and much shinier hair. Learn more.



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